Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jordan Welfare Lottery, a Big Fraud Condoned by the Government

I'm a compulsive gambler who played lottery in 20 countries, and I think that the Jordanian lottery is the most unique. In all lotteries all over the world, the jackpot increases when nobody wins, except in Jordan, nobody wins and the money vanishes. In Europe and the United States, the jackpots increase when there are no winners, even in Syria they repeat the drawing until there is a winner. The Jordanian Lottery issues 100000 tickets per drawing which takes place every ten days, that's a revenue of 900000 JD's a month which is almost one and a half million dollars. I have been following up the winners announcements for the last year. Sometimes, four months passed without any jackpot winners. The swindlers of the General Union of Welfare Societies which issue the tickets claim that the money goes to welfare without any accountability or transparency. However, even if the money goes to welfare, this doesn't justify fooling common people and exploiting their dreams.